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How client-side rendering hinders SEO

You have built the perfect website – perhaps even single-page app (SPA) – using the client-side JavaScript framework du-jour like React, Vue or Svelte.

Now you want to rank highly on Google Search. What are the common pitfalls of client-rendered sites when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO)?

Learn the basics of how search engines process web pages and how it’s affecting your site that relies on JavaScript for client-side rendering.

Conditional Probability, Fast and Slow

Now more than ever, we’re bombarded with terms like “sensitivity” or “specificity” in relation to Covid-19 tests. It turns out that to understand these, you first need to understand conditional probability.

Because common sense intuition can be often misleading, I will walk you through a conditional probablity problem about Blue and Green cabbies from the book Thinking, Fast and Slow.

Introducing HSML

HSML (shorthand for Haskell’s Simple Markup Language) is simple markup language with syntax similar to XML and HTML. It allows you to embed Haskell expressions and declarations in your templates.